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Top 8 Best FEMALE Motorsport Artists

For the past 40,000 years, humans have been creating art. Nowadays, thanks to platforms such as Instagram, artists can reach a worldwide audience. Their artwork doesn’t have to sit in a museum for you to learn about them or worse after they are dead. Artists can now interact with their followers and they can see the artist’s progress as long as the artists provide access. Back in the early 2000s the ones who knew about art and could afford it were the “rich and famous”. Today it’s slightly different.

Most individuals would associate Formula 1 with fast cars, champagne, and Monaco. All the things the “rich and famous” enjoy. What is hardly known is that Formula 1 is the third most-watched sport worldwide. That’s why it is no wonder both motorsport and art would be intertwined. There is a gamut of artists that range from painters, photographers, sculptures, designers, who predominantly focus on the automotive and motorsport industry and they are fantastic. Their artwork could be anywhere between $50 up to a hundred thousand.

However, this article is rather different, I am spotlighting my favorite FEMALE motorsport artists. These ladies have a passion for art and motorsport.

Instagram Username - @jennetic

Location - Miami, Florida

Weapon of choice - Watercolor, oil, and acrylic

Contact - Direct Message

I’ve been following Jennifer Torres for a bit and can proudly say she is in my female circle of fellow petrolheads. What's funny is that we lived in Miami during the same time however I got to know of her after I moved out which is a total shame. beautiful cars, has a great eye to paint beautiful Porsches, she is a Porsche owner who attends local cars and coffee and meet-ups.

Instagram Username - @amyshorephotography

Location - London, UK

Weapon of choice - Nikon

Contact -

I am obsessed with Amy Shore’s photography because I love her use of light which is uncanny, and her authenticity is beyond genuine. She is in my bucket list of #petrolheroines I need to meet in the future. She is a published photographer who has had the opportunity to photograph current Formula 1 drivers like Charles Lecler, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Riccardo, and other amazing people. She loves classic bikes and cars, her MINI Mayo is undergoing an engine revamp and her followers like myself look forward to seeing Mayo’s new adventures.

Instagram Username - @oddly_artistic

Location - Atlanta, Georgia

Weapon of choice - Oil and acrylic

Contact -

When Stephanie popped into my Instagram feed I was mesmerized with her use of color. I remember when I saw her painting of a Porsche flat-six engine. My mouth dropped because when I looked at the art I got the feels as to when you hear the engine. The good thing about her art is that she doesn’t discriminate, she has painted American muscle cars too!

Instagram Username - @gasoline_maab

Location - Paris, France

Weapon of choice - ShinHan TOUCH markers

Contact -

I was introduced by Noemie by another fellow artist which you will learn next. Her sketches and drawings using markers are beyond remarkable. She has a good mix of cars and motorbikes; however, she has a soft spot for motorbikes. She is a fantastic overall artist because she can draw human subjects as well as the machines.

Instagram Username - @zimmy_arts

Location - San Antonio, Florida

Weapon of choice - Oil and pencil

Contact - Direct Message

I found Samantha Zimmerman because we are part of a couple of Porsche Facebook groups. For a couple of weeks prior to finding her, I was asking people if they knew of any female motorsport artists then one day she showcased her artwork in one of the groups. She has been painting since 2016 and her work is flawless. She not only paints in oil however she has some amazing lifelike drawings using a pencil. She was also super cool and guided me to learn about @gasoline_maab!

Instagram Username - @vyvuart

Location - Washington, DC

Weapon of choice - Oil and pencil

Contact -

Vy doesn’t discriminate with her art. She paints European cars, Japanese cars, supercars, even food and more! She is very versatile with her art. She can do oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and even sketch on an iPad. My favorite aspect of her art is her attention to detail and light. Her paintings almost look like a photograph.

Instagram Username - @carliethelwellphotography

Location - London, UK

Weapon of choice - Canon 5d MkIII

Contact -

I’ve been following Carlie for a long time now. Her Instagram Stories want me to be a fly on the wall because as a photographer she gets to be part of some amazing experiences, my favorite being Goodwood Revival. Her photography is very clean however she has an eye for movement, which is my favorite type of photography. Maybe she is one of my favorite photographers because she also uses a Canon like I do.

Instagram Username - @c.stanleyart

Location - North Carolina

Weapon of choice - Oil and acrylic

Contact -

Chrissy Stanley was brought to my attention by one of my fellow #petrolheroines. The uniqueness of her art is that the majority of the time, she uses wood rather than a canvas to paint her masterpieces. Another tiny thing why I really like her art is because of her passion for paint air-cooled Porsches. Her eye for detail and use of light is remarkable and she executes amazing work.

I hope you loved my Top 8 Best FEMALE motorsport artists. If you do know of an amazing girl or woman who does fantastic art, please message us because we would like to share her art with other #petrolheroines.

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