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How to get a job in Motorsport

In 2009 The Federation Internationale De L'Automobile or FIA created the Women & Motorsport Commission. Michele Mouton, the current president, stated the Commission's mission "is to encourage, support and promote more women in all aspects of the sport." This year the Commission released a booklet aimed at girls and women who are interested in working in the mortorsport industry. The booklet highlights women who are currently leaders in the industry such as Susie Wolff, principal of Rokit Venturi Racing, pilot Tatiana Calderón among others.

This blog aims to highlights females that are relentless in the pursuit of their dream of being in motorsport. Therefore what kind of blog will this be if I don't encourage YOU to truly follow those dreams? So, here is my plan:

FIRST - Provide you with the booklet Your Career in Motorsport! This is a great start for the Commission. You can actually see that there are other females doing jobs you dream about! Representation counts!

WIM Your Career in Motorsport
Download PDF • 10.92MB

TWO - To assist other females by posting job openings and providing tips on how to write a kick-ass resume so you can get that job you desire! THREE - Let the friendly stalking begin! Networking is IMPERATIVE when trying to advance your career! So now you have the links of the amazing ladies who are on the booklet. Be brave, be bold, and befriend them. Be genuine, ask for advice, and cheer them on! Everyone needs a cheerleader. · Professional race driver · Co-pilot · Driver · Logistics Operator · Team Leader · Ground power unit engineer · Senior strategy engineer · Marketing and Communications Director · Team Coordinator · Career Operations Manager · Hospitality and events specialist · Career Director · Press Officer · TV presenter and broadcaster · Reporter, host and commentator · Graphic designer · Photographer · Medical director · Official President of the Commission - President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission · Board member

FINALLY - The website I use to see about jobs in motorsport is

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